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We regularly hold training and instruction measures so you can benefit from our professional knowledge, too. In cooperation with the machinery and metal professional association (MMBG) as well as with the government office for professional safety, hundreds of foundry workers, as well as master craftsmen and civil engineers have been trained in the subject of "Pouring ladle testing".

We will be happy to share our experience with induction melting and heating technologies with you. You and your staff can attend two workshops on the safe running of induction furnace equipment and the preventive repair of induction line and medium frequency furnace equipment and the refractory lining of induction crucible furnaces, which will contribute even more to the safety of your company and equipment.

Professional training measures are tailored to our customers’ individual desires and needs and conducted locally, too. Practical instruction with the objects concerned is particularly important to us, for that is the only place where safety measures for your staff can take place – please, contact us.