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In the melting shops of modern foundries the induction equipment has become an irreplaceable tool for founders. The high power density and flexibility of the equipment as well as the reproducibility and quality of products are unique.

Melting, as a foundry technology term, refers to the process of transforming metals from their solid to a liquid aggregate phase. Holding, on the other hand, is to assure the metal supply needed for production.

Foundry Service GmbH is one of the leading companies in Europe for maintenance, repairs, new productions and upgrade of induction equipment from various manufacturers. We distinguish between the main groups of crucible and channel induction furnaces for melting and holding.

Crucible Induction Furnace Plant
Channel Induction Furnace Plant

The following components are some of the most important parts of these two plant types:

  • The induction coil in an air or water cooled version
  • The magnetic yokes in a screwed, welded or clamped design, with air or water cooling
  • The transformer core in a screwed or welded design
  • Water cooled power cables, tubular busbars or conductor lines
  • Cooling jackets, air or water cooled, metal or ceramics
  • Channel forms, whether welded or cast, as well as all kinds of templates or consumable formers
  • General steel constructions for components such as furnace bodies, tilting frames, furnace heads, inductor casings or inductor flanges
  • Insertion of refractory concretes into components, such as furnace head, furnace bottom or the induction coil

The induction coil is the core of your furnace. High electromagnetic and mechanical stress is a great challenge for any insulation and processing technology. In working closely with foundries and steel works and on the basis of failure analyses, the company Foundry Service GmbH has been able to develop new test procedures, workflows and materials or modify existing ones.

A properly performed disassembly and assembly together with the innovative, standardized test procedures of Foundry Service will guarantee you maximum service life and system safety.

Outdated or defective systems or components may be upgraded or modified by Foundry Service GmbH and thus be replaced or repaired.

In the event of damages of your induction furnace plant, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year at 00 49 (0) 23 72 / 55 98 – 0.

Data at a glance

Overhauling of an Induction Coil
  • Arrival of the induction coil at our plant in Hemer
  • Recording of damages and writing the workshop order
  • Dimensional measurement of trouble spots
  • Disassembly of components
  • Preparation of the coil for the pyrolysis furnace
  • In the pyrolysis furnace the copper is annealed stress-free and the old insulation is burned off under exclusion of oxygen.
  • Removal and disposal of the old insulation in compliance with legal regulations
  • Preparation for the abrasive-blasting of the copper profile with reduced abrasive effect
  • Adjusting measurements of required coil geometry
  • Adjusting or new positioning of power and water connections
  • Performing our test procedures
  • Preparations for the insulation of the furnace coil
  • Insulation of the copper profile acc. to manufacturer qualification or modification acc. to our specification:
  • Available types of insulation:
    1. Coating with insulating varnish
    2. Wrapping with fiber glass tape or varnish fiber glass tape
    3. Intermediate layer insulation made of GHG or Mikanit segments
  • Preparation of the furnace coil for gluing
  • Strapping of the furnace coil and adjusting of the height dimension
  • Gluing of all components with the Vac-Top® procedure
  • VPreparations for final assembly
  • Application of the protective coat Induction Safe®
  • Sealing and insulating of power and water connections
  • Final inspection with test record
  • Preparation for free storage or transportation