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Innovation, creativity and courage are the driving forces that motivate us to develop new products and to improve existing ones. Generating added value for our customers, whether in increasing productivity, improving occupational safety or handling conditions for individual staff members, we always question all areas and examine them permanently.

Our numerous patents refl ect our customer closeness, our awareness of weak spots and a potential for improvements. Together with you as operators we create the platform for manufacturing products that you will not want to do without.

Patented transport locking

for forklift ladles

Ladles used to transport molten metal with forklifts must be protected so they don’t slip down from the truck forks unintentionally.

  • • 100% safety according to DIN EN 1247
  • • Automatic, self-locking system
  • • Can be rotated, swivelled and tilted at 360°
  • • Can be retrofitted to all existing ladle systems
patent since Jul 24, 2014



Patented pouring ladle

with hinged hanger

Hanger release without the use of the gear unit, thus minimizing wear and tear of the gear unit and work for staff members

Patent since Nov 08, 2007

Patented pouring ladle

with double wall

Highly insulating ladle: Utillization of a basic holder with several inlays for different fi lling volumes and metal alloys

Patent since Oct 04, 2007

Patented pouring ladle

made of fiber composite material

Extreme difference in weight – factor 1/7 as compared to conventional steel designs, all shapes and geometries possible

Patent since Jan 01, 2005