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The constant challenges of the market place require a professional and permanent optimization of all production equipment. The essential aspects to be considered here are production safety, capacity increase and equipment handling. 
Based on technical knowledge, a continuous development of materials and evaluations of damages, Foundry Service GmbH offers a number of individual, innovative solutions for various equipment and component types.

Some examples of modifications and upgrade jobs include

  • A replacement of furnace control systems, such as the relay technology or replacing Siemens S5 by Siemens S7 for melting and holding equipment
  • Development of new coil geometries
  • Upgrading of crucible push-out devices
  • Magnetic yokes
  • Water treatment systems.

Because Foundry Service works with a wide variety of equipment from various manufacturers, we are able to look beyond our own four walls, so we can successfully tackle the multi-faceted and tricky assignments from our customers. Find out about all we can do for you by contacting us today.