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The following materials and technologies were developed and patented by Foundry Service GmbH, to achieve a greater safety and service life for your plants:


Innovative insulation technology:

  • A special resin-hardener combination guarantees a high-strength adhesive bond that is electrically nonconductive.
  • The insulation adhesive technology assures the required breathability through overlapping segments with an interior overhang.
  • Drains the condensation water that is built up.
  • Moisture can escape faster from the refractory concrete after furnace lining.


The red original of InductionSafe® offers the following characteristics:

  • Steam diffuses to the outside. Fast drying which reduces the risk of short-circuits and flashovers.
  • High electrical insulation.
  • High temperature resistant.
  • Suited for line and medium frequency equipment.
  • Protects the coil against dust and slag spillings.


Innovative insulation of magnetic yokes:

  • The Aramit fiber structure that is 4 mm thick offers great protection in cases of high mechanical stress
  • 8-year warranty on reusability
  • High electrical insulation
  • Suitable for line and medium frequency equipment