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The company Foundry Service GmbH has developed the modular planetary gear unit line RSD 60V-140V, especially for rough use in foundries. Gear units are the driving force between man and molten masses that assure a smooth and safe operation of pouring ladles of various kinds and sizes.

Through the product-related construction of the main drive pinion section, the gear lashes can now be adjusted to the material thickness of the brackets as torque indicators. The brake units installed in the gears automatically work in both tilting directions to hold the pouring ladle in the appropriate tilting angle. All integrated brake units are compatible with the existing gear sizes from our company and from the company Marbaise Hanlo LS GmbH, type Senssenbrenner, model ranges SG 179 – 183 and PG 323 – 325.

Large equipment of 25T and more requires large power units. Our more than 30 years of experience are particularly important in this area, because they mean constant innovation for our partners and customers.

Nowadays mechanically geared transmissions only have two stages, with each toothed element being lodged doubly and the spur-gear being supplied with a multi-beveled gearing. The transmissions have been constructed in such a modular way that the later addition of a compressed air motor is possible at any time without any problems.

Our special mechanically geared transmissions are:

  • Type SG 914 and PG 324 - with a capacity of up to 35 t
  • Type SG 978 and PG 325 - with a capacity of up to 65 t
  • Type SG 1017 and PG 325 VA - with a capacity of up to 110 t