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Welcome to our “holy halls” in the midst of the fantastic topics that concern us every day. Foundry Service GmbH specializes in heating, melting and keeping warm, as well as in the construction of transport systems for molten masses. In addition to years of experience and complex competence, there is a profound passion for the highly specialized craft. Constant innovations and product developments, including the granting of patents, make Foundry Service GmbH one of the industry market leaders.

One of the oldest blocks of stone that contain iron ore bands is 2.1 billion years old. This block has a volume of 6 cubic meters. It was found in North America. Now it is owned by the National Museum of Mineralogy and Geology, Dresden.
Ore has been mined by humans for more than 5,000 years. 2,100 years ago, the Romans already had large iron smelting plants, and nowadays approx. 720 million tons of crude steel are produced very year. The company Foundry Service GmbH contributes to the numerous transport processes involving molten materials as well as to heating and holding.